Ready or Not

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  Romans 12:12

My mother has always taught me that patience is a virture.  That if you just sit it out and wait patiently, the Lord will provide.  This is 100% TRUE.  But you know what? It’s also 100% HARD.  People often talk of patience as if it were a simple thing, as if it came easily to humans.   Well let me tell you, it does not.

I was having a conversation with some friends this morning about how to know when we are “ready.”  The topic of today was men,    as it is more often than not.  How we are to be patient and wait for God’s perfect timing.  We each expressed feelings of wanting to become the woman of God we are meant to be, before we look for a man.  That we want to find our peace in Him first, because without it, a relationship with a man would never work.  I recently read a quote from the book Lady in Waiting stating that a man and woman are not made to complete each other, but to compliment each other.  You can only be complete with God.  This goes for any relationship, romantic or friend wise.
But what has me pondering, is how to know when we are really “ready.”  As humans, we can never be perfect, which basically means any relationship will be hard.  I know this.  But to sit here and say “Oh, I’m not ready” is just the same as saying “Oh, I’m ready.”  We can’t close off our hearts to relationships and events in life just because WE feel like our hearts aren’t ready.  God is the one in control of that.  All we can do is pray it out, and hope for the best. Sometimes God’s plans are different than ours.  But you know what? They always end up better.

So instead of thinking about being ready or not…try just praying for an open heart to God’s timing.  He’s actually the only one that knows anything about our hearts.


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