1. the religious worship of idols.

2. excessive or blind adoration, reverence, devotion, etc.

Whenever I think or see the word idolatry, I think evil, evil worship.  I automatically picture people worshiping the moon, or cows, or gold statues.  Like in Exodus 32, how the people choose to ignore God and make a gold calf and have a celebration for their “god” that got them out of Egypt.  Really guys? You think a gold calf rescued you from Egypt?  It just shows the ignorance of all people, then and now.  To worship anything but God is pointless.

I was reading Lady in Waiting and one of the questions in the reflection section was about idolatry.  I thought this was odd, idolatry is heavy stuff, right? This is when I got slapped in the face.

“Any woman who does not understand that she is complete in Jesus is susceptible to idolatry”

WOW.  Really? Really.  ANYTHING you worship is considered idolatry.  It’s like the definition says, adoration, reverence, devotion.  It doesn’t have to be a golden calf, it can be a cell phone, or tv, or facebook.  Or here’s the biggie- a guy.  Or the yearning for a guy.  This is what Kendall and Jones were refering too, the “dependence on a guy to make her complete-thus putting him in God’s place.”  I don’t think this just applies to us single ladies either.  Yeah single girls dream of Prince Charming, but you taken ladies have to be careful as well.  God always has to be your number one, no matter what.  It is SO easy to be in admiration of a man that loves you, but you just have to remember, that he will NEVER completely satisfy you.  Only God can do that.  Only God truly knows your heart inside and out.

 Knowing this now, I wish I could rewind time and start out with this knowledge.  So much would be different.  But you know what?  Everything that God puts you through is for a reason.  He never leaves you, and he never lets anything happen that you can’t handle.  I now know that God is the ONE.  The man of my dreams.  And now I can tell everyone, including those teenage girls that yearn for love, and look for it in all the wrong places.  Hopefully I can touch their hearts, and just show at least a glimpse of how great God’s love is.
Maybe I can help protect their hearts before it’s too late.

But what am I saying? It’s never to late.  God’s love will always be there.  Ready and waiting.


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