So Be It

“You do not HAVE…because you do not ASK.”


Prayer is one of the first things one learns when becoming a Christian.  Ask and you shall receive.  Talk to the Lord and he will answer your prayers.  Nearly every child will be taught to say bed time prayers.  Just as many families pray before dinner.  But you know what? Sometimes it’s not so easy.

In my walk, I’ve found it’s sometimes difficult to talk to God, ask him questions, or even tell him my troubles.  I know it’s silly because he knows it already, but he wants to hear it from me personally.  God cares.  As the video says, he WANTS to be bothered, he WANTS us to pester him.  Just as you would get close to a friend or family, you get close to God by talking with him.  Not to him, but with him.

The part I find troubling though, is how very intimate prayer really is.  Not only with God, but with the people you pray for.  I find myself praying for my parents, my grandparents, my brothers & their growing familes, my friends, and even  my future husband and children (God willing).  So if I can pray for nonexistant people, why do I find it difficult to pray for certain people in my life/past now?  Probably because I love ALL of these people.  It’s why I pray for them.  To pray for someone is to care for them in some way.  It’s the sweetest way to love on them. It’s showing them Christ’s love for them.  I’ve digressed, but here’s the part I find troubling-But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!” Matthew 5:4. See? If prayer=love, then that means loving your enemy, right?


If we are to strive to be Christ-like, which we are, that means loving our enemies.  It means not only showing love to family and friends, but to the corrupt as well.  So that means praying for their hearts.  This is when I see my true bitterness come out.  My heart is truly ugly in this aspect, and I’m working with God on that.  Praying for your persecuters is hard, because it means loving on your persecuters.  It means trusting God to save them and show his unconditional love to them. 

I don’t believe this means pretending that something bad didn’t happen, though.  It just means honestly looking at your anger and hurt WITH God, not just dwelling on it by yourself.  It means handing your hurt/anger to God.  It means handing that bitterness over to God.  Leaving that bitterness in your heart means leaving the power in that person’s hands.  Which is never good. 

Give Matthew 5:43-48 a try.  It’s pretty sweet.


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