Everyone has it.  It’s impossible to not have fear.  What I think is more interesting is looking at it from another angle.  Just for fun, let’s repleace the word “fear” with worship.

“I fear man” … “I worship man”
“I fear what people think” … “I worship what people think”
“I fear the future” … “I worship the future”
“I fear the Lord” … “I worship the Lord”

Guys and gals, this is it.  What you fear, you worship.  We should be fearing ONE person.  You got it, God.  Our Heavenly Father.

“Praise the LORD. Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, who finds great delight in his commands.”  Psalm 112:1

Do you know what happens when we fear anything else but the Lord?  Our enemy uses it against us.  He loves your fear.  He banks on it, actually.  Satan wants you to believe the lie that cripples faith, that God can’t be trusted.
This is when our eyes of faith come in.  It’s hard to do, and I’m slowly learning, but you have to keep your eyes on God.  When you constantly worship him and thank him for all He does, your keeping those eyes in focus.  But it’s so hard sometimes.  When life gets crazy and isn’t going the way we planed (haha) it’s hard to focus on God.  It’s hard not to blame him for the bad things instead of thanking him for the good things.  Faith is EASY in the good times.  Keeping it up in the bad times is what is hard.

So, stop fearing what is on this earth, or what is yet to come.  You need only fear one thing.  And that is God.


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