Sometimes, God’s unconditional love really surprises me.  The fact that we can do ANYTHING, and God will still be there, waiting.  Not even mad, but with open arms.  No matter what we put ourselves through, God is always there, willing and waiting to take you into His arms and love on you.

At a Bible study group this past year, my friend made an analogy that I really liked.  Consider us as a little stray dog that is hungry, but scared.  The Lord will follow us, offering food, even after we run away.  Every time he gets close, we might take a few steps towards him, but we get scared and run off again.  No matter how many times we run, God always follows.  And when we are finally so tired and hungry that we can’t go on, God comes and picks us up, taking us in his arms.  He loves us unconditionally.  His love will nourish us and keep us going.

I think what we tend to forget as humans though, is that it really is unconditional.  When I think of my past, and the sins of my past, I feel that there is no possible way that I’m good enough for God.  I feel that I’m too dirty and unclean for him.  To feel this way though, is like a slap in the face to God.  When you think about it, I mean REALLY think about it, God gave us his son so we didn’t have to feel this way.  He WILLINGLY gave his son to be brutally tortured and killed, just so we could be loved and saved.

1st John 1:5 says “God is light, and there is absolutely no darkness in Him.”

So basically, if you’re pissed at God because you’ve been through some tough stuff, suck it up.  I say this to myself as well.  God is always good and every decision He makes is good.  He doesn’t make decisions to be cruel or mean.  I had trouble with this for a while, I wondered “why would God put me through this?”  And you know what? The troubles of this world have brought me so much closer to God.  I’ve learned to finally give it ALL to Him.  Because the goodness we will experience in eternity with God, will be worth EVERY bit of pain we experience in this fallen world.

So remember, God’s grace is sufficient.  He has forgiven all your sins, and mine, because he loves us.

Try out this song, it’s pretty sweet.

Beautiful Things


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