A friend sent this verse to me recently, and for some reason, it just really hit me.  I had read it in a devotional a few weeks back, but it didn’t make that big of an impact.  Isn’t that funny?  God will show you something, and when you don’t get the hint, he shows you again, and again, and still again.  Until we get the hint!  He’s a persistant guy. 

So anyways, this has just been really weighing on my heart and mind.  For starters, the first part of this verse says:

“Above ALL else”

It does NOT say, “after that cute boy” or “after that football game” or “after that party.” No, it says above ALL else.  We should be diligently guarding our hearts from this world.   If you are a Christian, this is as close as you are getting to Hell.  This is as close as the devil will EVER get to you.  So even though we have Christ to look forward too, we are in a battle right now.  You must protect your heart from all the evil of this world. 
So on that topic:

Guard-to keep safe from harm or danger; protect; watch over

This verse does not imply that we kind of sort of look out for our hearts.  It says straight up GUARD your heart.  As the definition says, you must keep it safe, protect it, and watch over it. 

And lastly, “for everything you do flows from it.”  This sounds extreme, huh?  Not just some things, but EVERYthing we do flows from our hearts.  It’s that basic moral compass, that little angel and devil on your shoulder.  It’s what is RIGHT and WRONG.  God gave us a heart for a reason.  So if your heart is filthy, everything you do will reflect that.  If you are focused on money, your heart will reflect that. 

The same goes for focusing your heart on guys.  This is a toughie in my opinion.  I feel that it is SO tough for girls to deal with this.  Let’s just pause for a minute and think of a world that every girl focuses her heart on God and chooses to only need Him and His love.  To be diligent in her faith and patient in His timing.  There would be SO much less hurt.  So much less heart break.  Because lets face it, the men of this world will hurt you.  It may be intentional, it may be unintentional.  But it will happen.  God is the ONLY man who can fulfill that void in your heart.  So instead of focusing your heart on men and earthly desires, try turning it straight on God and feel that blast of His Heavenly LOVE.


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