Have you ever sat down and wondered why we continue to be surprised when God comes through for us?  I mean really, we shouldn’t be surprised, he’s our father.  Yet our human hearts are so twisted and hurt that we continue to lose faith that He will be there for us.

I work on campus and love my job.  It fits perfectly with my classes and the people I work with are a joy to be around.  I was recently told that I would not be able to work there this summer, due to the budget.  This completely  took my feet out from under me.  What would I do? How would I find a job that would accomodate my class schedule and give me weekends to go see family?

It may be obvious what the first thing I should have done is… I should have sat down and talked with my Heavenly Father.  Asked for his guidance, put my trust in Him, and taken comfort in His prescense.  As a human though, I of course did not do this.  I began crunching numbers, looking for summer jobs, and over all stressing out.  (By “crunching numbers” I mean completely ruining my mind because I’m awful at math.  The way I was doing it, I would basically live a whole month on one week of pay, because I’m dumb.  But that’s neither here nor there.)0ab5fe4a2e3933b85121f0c717d37ad8

Then one morning I woke up to do my morning devotional.  I was feeling bitter and hopeless.  And guess what? God was there.

Walk out into the fields and look at the wildflowers.” Matthew 6:28

This verse may seem like it has nothing to do with my situation, but it’s about appriciating life.  It’s about God opening my eyes to the beauty of this earth, of my life, and pretty much slapping me upside the head. 

And that’s far from the end…  The next morning, I got up and decided to read one of the devotionals my Mom had sent me about a month ago.  She periodically sends me good devotionals from her magazines, and I just never got to this one.  Low and behold, it was about Matthew 6:25-34.  Once again, why was I surprised? God has used my Mom COUNTLESS times to get through my thick skull, I should be used to it now.  The title of this devotional was “Do I Really Need it?”  The answer is no.  I will be fine.  When this earth fails me, I have my Heavenly Father.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.” Matthew 6:33

Surprise number 3:

I get a text from my boss about a week later…there’s a special project and I can work in the summer!  They got everything approved and I’m good to go.

All that stressing and worrying was for nothing.  If I had trusted in the Lord the whole time, it would have been an easier process.  Yet the Lord only puts us through trials we can handle.  I needed to be reminded to lean on Him.


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