What the heart wants…

The heart does not always get. 


This is something that I am still learning.  

As a near graduating college student, I am beginning to plan for my future.  I am in my final stages of my degree, applying for graduation, dating, hanging out with friends, discussing money with my parents, and all the fun things that a near adult does.

Yet as I do many of these things, I’ve realized something. Something BIG.

It’s not my prerogative to plan. I mean, I can plan all that I want…but many of my plans are going to fall through.  

I can make a timeline for my life everyday and it still change with the flip of a coin.  (As I’ve seen many, many times)

There’s only one constant in my life, that will always, always, be the same.  

And that my friend, is God.  

So instead of constantly worrying, planning, and trying to micro-organize my life, I’m going to try and sit back and let God’s will for my life shine through.  And although this is hard, nothing is impossible with The Lord by your side. 


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